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Panel Borders radio interview in Lodon, March 2014

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Alex Fitch interviews Ben Katchor, March 2014

radio interviewExtended podcast version here and here.
or on iTunes here.

A Private Prison

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Sept. 2013 strip in Metropolis magazine.

“According to a new law, ‘At least one unit in each multiple dwelling
shall be set aside for use in the prison housing market.’”


private prison

Hotwaters, 2008

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Hotwaters, 2008 [from Metropolis magazine]

Hotwaters 72dpi


A 21st-Century Still Life

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July-August 2013 strip for Metropolis magazine.


The Juice Room

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June 2013 strip for Metropolis magazine.juice room detail

Rick Kleffel’s The Agony Column review of “Hand-Drying in America” plus podcast

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A text review of “Hand-Drying in America” and a podcast of a conversation with Rick Kleffel.

hand-drying cover

Paul Di Filippo’s review of “Hand-Drying in America”

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Paul Di Filippo’s review ofHand-Drying in America from Barnes & Noble.com

endpaper detail


Emile et logorrhée

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Cathia Engelbach’s review of L’Odyssee d’un valise en carton (Rackham Editions).Cardboard valise french cover 72

Smoked Fish Surrealism

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Review by Jake Siegel in The Daily Beast.

backcover final small

backcover of Hand-Drying in America

“Hand-Drying in America” in Paris

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Hand-Drying in America is available in Paris at Arkham Comicsarkham paris


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