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Public Urinal at Astor Place, NYC, 1868

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“The Board has had under consideration various plans of meeting the public necessities . . . and has finally determined to erect a public urinal at the junction of Eighth and Ninth streets, at Astor Place, the cost to be about $2,400.” — from Third Annual Report of the Metropolitan Board of Health of the State of New York, 1868.

The Golden Age of Urinal Design, c. 1885

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from Standard Practical Plumbing by Philip John Davies, 1885

“Fig. 509 and 510 illustrates a shut-up wall urinal for fixing in offices, and in places that will not allow of such apparatus being seen. . .”Lavatory and Urinal combined.  “These urinals are made to suit almost every kind of furniture, and are made left and right handed. . . .” – page 208

“There is a vast variety of urinals in the market, one maker claiming this, one claiming that, and the other claiming something else; but perhaps the greatest peculiarity is that nearly every one can make each other’s pattern, and this being so we may take it as an all round affair.” – page 205

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