On Dostoevsky’s drawing as writing

In Dostoevsky's drawings on April 23, 2011 at 3:08 pm

Konstantin Barsht, a researcher at the Russian Academy’s Institute for Russian Literature (Pushkin House) in St. Petersburg deplores the absence of the doodles from the great editions of Dostoevsky’s notebook materials . . .” (from exhibition Dostoevsky’s Doodles at Columbia University, 2009)

“Indeed, Dostoevsky was not content to “write” and “take notes” in the process of creative thinking, he moved in the space and time of the particular artistic universe of his notebook, where the meaning and significance of words interact reciprocally with other meanings expressed through visual images, a method of work specific to the writer.”  – from Dostoevsky: the drawing as writing by Konstantin Barsht

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